About us

Ukrainian-American manufacturing company “Agroselprom” was founded in 1996. It specializes on production of dietetic foodstuffs under the trademark «Golden Kings of Ukraine».

The company is widely known in Ukraine, in the markets of CIS countries, in European Union, the USA, Israel and in South Korea. It was caused by a high level of its products quality, their unique composition, an extraordinary rich choice and of course by professionalism of company staff-members.

At the same time we don’t stop our progress and continue development of our distribution network by means of offering our partners the most profitable terms and conditions of partnership.

We guarantee our partners:

  • Impeccable product quality;
  • An individual approach to every client;
  • Competitive and the lowest prices;
  • Special terms for bulk customers;
  • Precise order execution;
  • A well-organized logistics for bulk customers.

High Quality

The high level of "Agroselprom" products is confirmed not just by our consumers' love and high sales but also by specialists' point of view at the market of "PREMIUM" class dietetic foodstuffs.

Our products

Products of "Agroselprom" company is marked by the most honorary awards of large scale international foodstuffs exhibitions and is included to "100 best foodstuffs". Products manufactured by "Agroselprom" Ltd are always among sales leaders in the given segment.