Distributors abroad

Our products enjoy a deserved popularity in nineteen countries on three continents with general population of about 2241,9 million people and that is 28.1% of the total population of our planet.

  • Countries where "Golden Nature" TM and "Golden Kings of Ukraine" TM produce is sold
  • Countries where "Golden Nature" TM and "Golden Kings of Ukraine" TM are going to be sold
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Canada Canada
  • Israel Israel
  • Poland Poland
  • Italy Italy
  • South Korea South Korea
  • Australia Australia
  • Latvia Latvia
  • Germany Germany
  • Georgia Georgia
  • Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • China China
  • Norway Norway
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Jordan Jordan
  • Turkey Turkey
  • Armenia Armenia
  • Moldova Moldova



EkaMedica, the exclusive distributor of Agroselprom Ltd. in Poland, is a partner of Triathlon Radłów (Triathlon Radlow).


The oils produced by “Agroselprom” under the brand name Eka Medica Food – in Poland.


Ukrainian vegetable oils in the Polish magazine “Taste of Nature”



Video about oils by Agroselprom Ltd from WORLDFOOD WARSAW 2018


Our oils in five-star hotels in Kiev

Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel

Restaurant at Premier Palace Hotel


The unrefined vegetable oils by “Agroselprom” – in supermarkets “Tiv Taam” (Israel).

The unrefined vegetable oils of Ukraine – in supermarkets “Mania” (Ashdod, Israel).

The best unrefined vegetable oils of Ukraine – in Israel.


Supermarket in Boston.


The oils by “Agroselprom” – in supermarkets of New York.

Ukrainian vegetable oils (extra virgin) by Agroselprom Ltd already in supermarkets and drugstores of Italy.
Vegetable oils “Agroselprom” (Ukraine) in Latvian supermarkets.
The oils of Ukrainian producer “Agroselprom” are in Georgian supermarkets.
Thanks to our good friend and distributor – Beso Mikava.

2021. Georgia. Unrefined oils produced by Agroselprom Ltd in Carrefour hypermarkets. 
Ukrainian unrefined oils in Georgian stores “Vitamin”.

The oils by “Agroselprom” – in supermarkets “Yummy Market” (Canada).

Ukrainian unrefined oils in supermarkets Toronto (Canada).
Ukrainian oils by Agroselprom are in Turkey.

Vegetable oils produced by “Agroselprom” – at the World Trade Exhibition of Food Products in Shanghai, China. 2018 year.

The distributor in Bulgaria – VitaLine.