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Delicious of Nature

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Taste of MasterpieceLife`s natural treat

Production of Premium Class oils based on the method of cold pressing
"Agroselprom" Ltd has been producing unrefined elite oils since 1996. Production of oils is organized on the base of a special vitamin preserving technology and carried out by means of only mechanical operations (method of cold pressing). In the process of oil production products are not processed with alkali and extraction with a help of chemical solvents is excluded, no chemical ingredients, pigments, preservatives, flavoring agents are used, deodorization isn't used i.e. oils are not processed with acids. Molecules of such oils are preserved alive and natural.
Advantages of natural oils

Ultimate culinary oilUltimate flavor

All these oils have a great amount of wonderful nutrition properties and cooking qualities. With them traditional dishes receive an absolutely unexpected bright and exotic taste and aroma. In addition to this unrefined oils contain the whole range of unique substances useful for human health.
These oils have the most valuable healing properties for human organism. At the same time unrefined oils unlike refine ones do not contain preservatives, flavors and flavorinf agents.

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24-a Robochaya Str.,  block 11/1,
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