Corn porridge – it’s a light and very delicious healthy breakfast. It is full of fiber, which slowly assimilates in the body, reduces the appetite for a long time gives a feeling of fullness. Corn – is a great low-calorie product for people suffering from obesity and diabetes. Its use does not cause obesity. It is recommended for older people and for people who have inactive way of life, as corn contributes to the removal of fat from the body.

With ground kernels of pumpkin seeds, ground seeds of milk thistle and ground sesame seeds

Corn porridge

Corn – is one of the most low-allergenic grains, which is especially important for children’s nutrition. It contributes to the inhibition of putrefaction and fermentation processes in the gut, is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Corn is primarily famous for its ability to rid the body of toxins, radionuclides and other harmful substances. It is noticed that people who constantly consume corn porridge, have reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol, prevent strokes and heart attacks. Corn normalizes metabolism, strengthens and raises the immune system. It has a positive effect on a good color of skin, the strength of the teeth and health of gums. Corn contains vitamins: A, B1, B3, B9, E, PP, a lot of micro-and macroelements, which makes corn a very valuable product for the maintenance of good health. It improves memory and metabolic processes in the brain. Corn porridge is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the nervous system.

The kernels of pumpkin seeds – is the richest source of zinc. Contains 53 micro- and macro elements, vitamins B, A, E, P, PP, essential polyunsaturated high acids: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 has strong anthelmintic and antiparasitic properties.

The pumpkin seeds are known as “pharmacy in a miniature.”

Milk thistle seeds – is a product of high biological value. This is a unique natural composition of nutrients contains silymarin, which strengthens and regenerates the liver cells, prevents penetration of toxins in the liver, breaks down toxins, restore already destroyed liver cells, support cleansing liver function and bring it back to normal.

Milk thistle seeds – is an effective hepatoprotector that neutralizes the harm caused by alcohol and other toxic substances.

Sesame seeds – normalize the gastrointestinal tract, reduce blood sugar, reduce the likelihood of blood clots, fasten blood clotting, normalize blood cholesterol level. They are useful in liver disease, musculoskeletal, nervous and hematopoietic systems, anemia, internal bleeding, with hyperthyroidism.


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