Oatmeal with ground flax seed can be considered as a wonderful addition to any diet. It is a product of high biological value unbeatable special dietary foods, which has unique natural properties. This porridge is well assimilated and fills the body with valuable nutrients.

With ground flax seeds


Regular consumption of oats develops mental skills.

To maintain and preserve mental skills, and memory up to standard, regular consumption of oatmeal is vital.

Oatmeal perfectly calms the nerves, normalizes sleep and brings back a good mood, in the most natural way. It`s all about the B group vitamins – about their huge amount in oatmeal. Also, because of these vitamins nails, hair and skin will always be in good condition.

According to the content of zinc and silica – oatmeal true leader.

The real beauty – it is, first of all, the normal functioning of the stomach. And here again there is no equal oatmeal. It does not just improve the bowel and help to normalize metabolism – oatmeal carefully wraps the stomach gentle membrane, which facilitates digestion and acts as a cleaner for the intestine, literally banishing from it all the accumulated toxins, including the resulting chronic administration of drugs and alcohol.


Oats is very useful for diabetics – when using oatmeal lowers blood sugar level and excretes excess liquid. Inorganic compounds and oatmeal proteins form an effective anti anemia complex, and B vitamins enhance the effect of this complex on the blood.

Oatmeal is useful for acute gastric ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis and even a case of poisoning, not to mention about constipation and diarrhea.

Oatmeal maintains excellent memory up to the old age, thanks to the contained inositol.

Oatmeal tones the body and improves appetite.

Also oatmeal is reach in vitamin H (biotin), which is very useful in weakness, drowsiness, muscle pain and even depression.

Especially oatmeal is useful for residents of large cities with unfavorable environment. Oatmeal removes from the body all food poisons, toxins and salts of heavy metals.

According to the degree of saturation, variety of vitamins and minerals, oatmeal can be safely positioned among the “leaders” of the necessary human food basket.


Flax seeds contain protein of high biological value, which in its composition is close to ideal for the human body.

Flax seeds contain plant fat, its most important components are irreplaceable high fatty acids: gamma – linolenic acid (34, 84%) – Omega 3; linoleic (19: 21%) – Omega 6; oleic (22, 82%) – Omega 9.

On the content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 flax seeds are superior to all other conventional foods of the human diet. If Omega 6 can be found in other products, Omega 3 in sufficient quantity is found only in fish oil, and flax seeds.


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