Oil production

In 1996 specialists of “Agroselprom” managed to develop and to introduce their own unique technology of dietetic oils production.

All unrefined oils produced by “Agroselprom” company are manufactured using a unique, vitamin preserving technology by means of exclusively mechanical operations (method of cold pressing). In the process of pressing high-tech mechanical filters are used. These filters were developed by specialists of IMC and Aircraft Building of Ukraine.

Production of “PREMIUM” class oils wouldn’t be possible without the up-to-date high-tech equipment; the most well known scientists of this sphere took part in development of this equipment jointly with specialists of Ukrainian major Design Departments and IMC enterprises. Due to the introduced technical innovations the shelf-life period of produced oils was increased up to 24 months. To date it is a record high index.

In the process of oil production using this method products are not processed with alkali. Moreover, any extraction with a help of chemical solvents is excluded, using acids is also excluded, hexane fraction isn’t used, no chemical ingredients, pigments, preservatives, flavoring agents are used. In this regard oils molecules are preserved alive and natural.

All raw materials used in “Agroselprom” production are grown in environmentally safe regions and go through a thorough incoming inspection in a private accredited laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and this fact ensures the invariably perfect quality of our produce.

Oils produced in this way are the most valuable as for their nutritional and healing properties. Preserved are all beneficial substances necessary for organism, vitamins, macroelements oil plants are rich for. As a result oils of «Golden Kings of Ukraine» come into the world being recognized by consumers from many countries as the most “titled” series of oils – EXTRA VIRGIN These oils are perceived by human organism cells very well. In addition to this unrefined oils unlike refined oils obtain unique culinary properties. Unrefined oils produced by “Agroselprom” Ltd are natural and environmentally safe products. Not without reason they have won people’s love in many countries! Oils produced by “Agroselprom” Ltd are invariably included to the lists of sales leaders in the segment of “PREMIUM” class oils. Our oils will preserve your youth and strength for a long time, they will help you to be active and healthy!