Bread with Pumpkin Seeds and Carrot

Ingredients: 500g flour, 20g yeast, some warm water, 2 carrots (grated), 10g salt with spices, 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil, 0.5 tablespoon mixture of seasonings for bread, 0.5 tablespoon bread clover, 4 tablespoons pumpkin seeds, fried, 5g salt.

Directions: Put all ingredients into the cooking bawl and knead everything thoroughly. Place the dough into a warm place and let it rise until it is double in volume; then knead again shortly. Make a bread brick from the dough and leave it for 20 minutes; spread with water and bake in oven for 10 minutes at the highest temperature; then bake for 10–30 minutes more at 180 degrees.

Advices on how to get a good golden brown: Thanks to vapor, the bread rises easily and beautifully at the beginning of baking. Therefore spray water in the oven at the very beginning of the baking process. You can press the vapor button in new oven warming drawers but in old oven models you can spray water with flower sprayer or just pour a glass of hot water on the bottom of the warming drawer. It is the most effective method but scum appears at the bottom of the warming drawer. A glass of water in the oven does not work as water starts vaporing too lately.