Cedar nut oil at struggle with diseases

Cedar nut oil is a very effective means for treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory diseases, laryngitis, tracheitis, influenza and sore throat. It is a perfect immunostimulant. Wound healing and bactericidal effects of this oil enable using it for treatment of hemorrhoid and rectum wounds. It is also successfully used for thyroid gland treatment as well as for prophylaxis of such diseases. In addition it normalizes nervous system processes. It is very important that pine nut oil is really valuable for growing child’s organism; and it is indispensable during the change of primary teeth.

Men should take into account the fact that regular use of pine nut oil increases potency. Benefit for women’s organism is also great: it is recommended for pregnant women in order to prevent foetus mutations and it is a source of natural vitamins used in case of cervical erosion; it is also increases lactation of nursing mothers and improves milk quality and prevents baby’s colics.

Cedar nut oil is also used against:

  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • rhinitis
  • allergic diseases.