Sesame oil at struggle with diseases

Sesame oil is useful:

  • for cardiovascular and blood system;
  • for treatment of digestive apparatus diseases;
  • for nervous system;
  • for respiratory system;
  • for musculosceletal system;
  • for teeth;
  • for sound perception system;
  • for visual organs;
  • for urinary system;
  • for endocrine system;
  • for treatment of obesity and emaciation;
  • Sesame oil facilitates metabolism processes normalization and therefore it can be a certain regulator of body weight;
  • for treatment of oncological diseases.
  • for treatment of cold diseases.
  • for immunity system;
  • for treatment of skin diseases and wounds;
  • for female sexual sphere;
  • for male sexual sphere;

Sesame oil is also successfully used in:

  • treatment of cold diseases.
  • treatment of gastritis and ulcerative colitis
  • treatment of constipations;
  • treatment of eczema and psoriasis
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases and ear pain;
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of gums and toothache;
  • for prophylaxis and for immunity strengthening.