Flaxseed oil at struggle with diseases

Flaxseed oil is used in complex treatment of numerous diseases, it is also a source of indispensable alpha-linolenic acid difficitis of which is unfavorable for human health.

Flaxseed oil is useful:

  • for immunity improvement;
  • for prevention of oncological diseases;
  • for prevention of nervous system diseases;
  • for prevention of urinary system diseases;
  • for prevention of musculosceletal system diseases;
  • for prevention of skin diseases;
  • for prevention of overweight and wight loss;
  • for prevention of diabetes mellitus;
  • for prevention of allergic reactions;
  • for prevention of vision organs diseases;
  • for prevention of stomatological diseases;
  • for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • for hypertension treatment;
  • for primary hypertension treatment;
  • for atherosclerosis treatment;
  • for multiple sclerosis treatment;
  • for treatment of gastritis;
  • for gastric alcer treatment;
  • for treatment of liver diseases and cholecystitis;
  • for treatment of burns and surface wounds;
  • for treatment of septic wound
  • for treatment of feet calluses;
  • for treatment of warts;
  • for treatment of allergic rash and abrasions;
  • for allergic rash pruritus removing;
  • for pustular rash treatment;
  • treatment of eczema and psoriasis
  • for treatment hemorrhoid;
  • for treatment of rhinitis, antritis, sinusitis;
  • for treatment of throat diseases and oral cavity diseases;
  • for treatment of musculosceletal system diseases;
  • for treatment of constipations;
  • during postoperative period;
  • for treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • for treatment of premenstrual syndrome.