Pumpkin gnocchi

Ingredients: dried pumpkin – 350-400 gr., cheese (“Parmesan”) – 30 g, flour – 90 g, salt, ground black pepper – a pinch of each, turmeric – a pinch (for color). For the “garlic” oil – butter – 40 g, fennel, coriander – a few sprigs, garlic – 1 small clove.

Recipe. Put a dried pumpkin in a bowl, add the cheese, grated on a fine grater, salt and pepper, mix well. It is desirable to break through a blender until smooth. Then pumpkin puree portions pour the sifted flour and mix. Put the mixture on a lightly floured surface and knead a soft, smooth dough (flour may be needed a little more or a little less). Roll dough “sausage” of about 50 cm in length. “Sausages” are to cut into equal parts, give an oval shape to pieces of dough and slightly trample with a fork. Dip Gnocchi into boiling salted water, add a pinch of turmeric and cook for 3 minutes after surfacing. Prepare a “garlic” oil – herbs and garlic finely chop and put in the warm melted butter, leave for 5 minutes to feed gnocchi ready to put in a bowl, pour the oil, if desired, you can sprinkle with grated cheese.