Grilled Chicken Fillet with Noodles

Ingredients: 500g noodles, 500g chicken fillet, a bunch of spring onion, 3 tomatoes, 2 packs of hollandaise, cheese for baking, seasoning for pizza, garlic oil.

Directions: Cook noodles in salted water, drain it and put into a roasting tin. Cut the fillet into pieces, season with salt and pepper and fry it in the heated garlic oil. Then put it into tin over the top of noodles. Finely chop a spring onion and stew it in the garlic oil. Then put it over the top of the chicken. Finely chop tomatoes, put them into the roasting tin, spread the sauce evenly and grate cheese. Finally, sprinkle with seasoning and bake in the oven for 20–25 minutes at 200 degrees.