Oils at struggle with diseases

Amaranth oil at struggle with diseases

Amaranth seed oil is a real gift of nature, possessing a complex of useful and necessary substances for the human body (vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances) and unique properties. The spectrum of its action is very wide – the seed oil of amaranth can be used as antiviral, antioxidant, antisclerotic, bactericidal, hepatoprotective, immunostimulating, cardioprotective, […]

Peanut oil at struggle with diseases

Peanut oil is used in folk medicine as well as in official medicine as a preventive agent. It is also used for complex treatment of blood disorders, diseases of liver, gallbladder, bile passages, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Peanut oil beneficially affects mucous membranes of stomach and intestine and so it treats and prevents inflammatory processes, […]

Mustard oil at struggle with diseases

Due to high content of biologically active substances benefits brought by mustard oil are evident. Below we shall describe the most important and the most useful properties of it. Using mustard oil facilitates: improvement of cardiovascular system: prevention of atherosclerosis, blood viscosity lowering, increasing elasticity of blood vessels); maintaining the level of phosphorus and calcium; […]

Walnut oil at struggle with diseases

This oil is useful: for treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases; for treatment of cardiovascular system and blood system; for treatment of endocrine system diseases; for treatment of nervous system diseases and brain diseases; for treatment of oncological diseases. for treatment of respiratory system diseases; for treatment of visual organs and auditory organs; for treatment of […]

Wheat germ oil at struggle with diseases

Regular internal use of wheat germ oil is recommended: for immunity strengthening and premature aging prevention; for treatment of endocrine system organs diseases; for treatment of diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, for increasing organism tolerance against stress and for treatment of insomnia; as a component of a complex program of overweight treatment; in […]

Cedar nut oil at struggle with diseases

Cedar nut oil is a very effective means for treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory diseases, laryngitis, tracheitis, influenza and sore throat. It is a perfect immunostimulant. Wound healing and bactericidal effects of this oil enable using it for treatment of hemorrhoid and rectum wounds. It is also successfully used for thyroid gland treatment as well […]

Hempseed oil at struggle with diseases

Hempseed oil is not just a unique foodstuff but also an effective and absolutely natural medical prophylactic means. Regular using of hemp oil as a food product is recommended by the official medicine as well as by folk medicine. Cardiovascular system. Hempseed oil includes Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (providing their most optimal ratio for […]

Corn oil at struggle with diseases

Corn oil: helps to remove fermentation processes in the intestine; lowers cholesterol level in blood; relaxes tonus of smooth muscles of gallbladder; stimulates gall secretion and reduces its viscosity; has a spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action ; has a stimulating and extenuating nutritious action; improves work of brain and muscles; is useful for all types of […]

Sesame oil at struggle with diseases

Sesame oil is useful: for cardiovascular and blood system; for treatment of digestive apparatus diseases; for nervous system; for respiratory system; for musculosceletal system; for teeth; for sound perception system; for visual organs; for urinary system; for endocrine system; for treatment of obesity and emaciation; Sesame oil facilitates metabolism processes normalization and therefore it can […]

Flaxseed oil at struggle with diseases

Flaxseed oil is used in complex treatment of numerous diseases, it is also a source of indispensable alpha-linolenic acid difficitis of which is unfavorable for human health. Flaxseed oil is useful: for immunity improvement; for prevention of oncological diseases; for prevention of nervous system diseases; for prevention of urinary system diseases; for prevention of musculosceletal […]

Sea buckthorn oil at struggle with diseases

Due to its rich composition sea buckthorn oil received in the result of cold pressing has the following properties: general health-improving, vessel strengthening, wound healing, epithelialising, regenerating, granulating, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antimicrobial, sedative, cancer protective and radioprotective. In addition to this sea buckthorn oil is a perfect polyvitaminic complex created by the nature itself. Sea buckthorn […]

Macadamia Nut Oil as a Disease Control Agent

Therapeutic and preventive properties: Macadamia nut oil has the most powerful antioxidant properties and allows using it effectively for tumors prevention and treatment. It can also be used to struggle against premature aging. Macadamia nut oil, thanks to its properties, helps to regulate fat metabolism and thus facilitates the weight loss. Unique ability to restore […]

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